Are there CEUs?

Yes.  Please see the Information Board downstairs on the Garden Level for CEU information and the email of the person you'll need to contact. Also, visit: https://lgbtqconference.dryfta.com/en/89-ceu

Are there gender-neutral restrooms?

Yes.  We have both gender-neutral restrooms and gender-specific restrooms to accommodate all our attendees. Gender-neutral restrooms are downstairs on the "Garden Level" near the elevator.  And the Gender-specific restrooms are downstairs on the "Garden Level" behind the Oak Amphitheater.  There is a map of our space downstairs on the Information Board. 

Why does my name tag not have pronouns?

We utilized the information that was provided by each attendee when registering on-line.  We have pens at registration if you wish to add pronouns. 

Where are the rooms for the sessions?

All sessions take place downstairs on the Garden Level.  You can either take the stairs located next to registration or the elevator just across from registration behind the concierge desk.  

Where is breakfast? What time is breakfast?

A continental breakfast is from 7am-9am each morning of the conference. downstairs on the Garden Level split into two areas at either end of the hall.  The two areas are the Oak Break Area and the Garden Overlook Area. 

Where is lunch? What time is lunch?

Lunch is served in the dining room - on the Garden Level just across the hall from the Lullwater Ballroom (where the opening session took place).  Lunch is served on Friday from 12:15-1:15 pm and from noon-1:30 pm on Saturday.

Will there be meals provided? Which ones/When? Will there be Vegetarian? Gluten free? Vegan options?

Yes. The buffet will include vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. 

Are drinks free? Are the snacks free? Are breakfast and lunch free?

Yes.  The continental breakfast, snacks and beverages served in the Oak Break Area and the Garden Overlook Area are included in your registration fees.  Also included is the lunch buffet served in the dining room Friday and Saturday. 

Do you have bottles of water?

No.  We're striving to be a plastic free zone and as such will provide each attendee with a water bottle at registration and multiple water stations throughout the conference area to fill those water bottles. 

How do I access the program evaluation? Where do I provide feedback about my experience? 

Two ways...you can log into the website on your computer and complete the conference evaluation via the "conference evaluation tab" at https://lgbtqconference.dryfta.com/en/49-conference-evaluation

Or, you can access it via the app:

  1. Open App on phone

  2. At the bottom of the screen, choose the (...) More option

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the menu. 

  4. Under the heading Surveys is the Conference Evaluation

  5. Complete the evaluation and click Submit

When does the first session start? 

Friday, May 31 - 9am - Lullwater Ballroom

Saturday, June 1 - 9am - Concurrent session rooms 

Please visit the program schedule for more information: https://lgbtqconference.dryfta.com/en/program-schedule

When does the conference end today? 

Friday, May 31 - 5:30pm

Saturday, June 1 - 3:30pm

How do I access the app? 

Visit: https://lgbtqconference.dryfta.com/en/88-event-app

Where is registration?

Friday, May 31 - lobby of Emory Conference Center and Hotel

Saturday, June 1 - Garden Level of Emory Conference Center and Hotel (downstairs from lobby)

How do I change the information on my name tag?

Go to registration for help with this. 

I lost my name tag, how do I get a new one?

Go to registration for help with this. 

Where is a good place to eat around here?

Emory Pointe has a variety of restaurants and is walking distance from the Emory Conference Center and Hotel.


I parked in the garage. How much will it cost me? What are the parking options? 

Parking is included in your registration fee. There is a parking garage to the left of the conference center entrance - follow the signs.

How long does it take to get to the airport from here?

About 30 minutes but depends on traffic volume, route, and mode of transportation. 

Map and Directions: https://www.emoryconferencecenter.com/map-and-directions.htm

8 ways to get from ATL to Emory - https://www.rome2rio.com/s/Atlanta-Airport-ATL/Emory-University

Is there a dress code?

As a professional conference, most individuals will be dressed at least business casual. 

Is the conference at a wheelchair accessible place?

Yes.  There are elevators to all levels of the conference center. 

Will the conference provide ADA accommodations for …?

For any ADA accommodations you may require, please contact the conference coordinator at NationalLGBTQHealthConference@gmail.com as soon as possible. 

Can I volunteer?

We appreciate the offer and have already recruited our volunteers for the conference.  Thank you!

I was not able to attend. Would I be refunded the registration fee?

According to the policy posted on our website, the deadline for requesting a refund was May 15. 

Refunds, Cancellations and Substitutions 

Refunds for a cancelled registration (less a $50.00 administration fee) may be obtained by email request to the Conference Coordinator, April Winningham, at NationalLGBTQHealthConference@gmail.com.  Such requests must be received by Wednesday, May 15, 2019. Refunds will not be made to participants who cancel after that date or who register but do not attend. Substitutions are permitted but must be approved through email request to the Conference Coordinator. The National LGBTQ Health Conference is not responsible for any change/cancellation charges incurred by the registrant.  

What time is checkout?

Hotel check out is noon. 

Where can I smoke?

Emory Conference Center Hotel is a smoke-free facility and as such, smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds.  However, if you wish to smoke, Emory Pointe is next door, just a short walk, and is not a smoke-free area. 

Where is the business center? Where can I make some copies?

The business center is on the same floor as the lobby and has computers and printers available. Please as someone at the front desk for further assistance. Other amenities at the Emory Conference Center Hotel include: 

  • Concierge service

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi in all public areas

  • Dry-cleaning service (Monday through Friday)

  • Safe-deposit boxes

  • In-room dining

  • Outdoor fire pit

  • Trails for hiking, biking, and jogging

  • Multilingual staff

  • Gift shop

  • Business center

  • On-site bowling (available for corporate events)

  • Two Restaurants

Where do I set my poster up?

Poster set up is on the Garden Level (downstairs).  There will be a table with further information and push pins across from the Lullwater Ballroom. 

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